CFP: Submissions to Proposed Edited Collection of RAD Writing Center Research

Please repost and distribute the following to all interested parties, especially graduate students:

In their 2012 volume Researching the Writing Center: Towards an Evidence-Based Practice, Rebecca Day Babcock and Terese Thonus remind us that “writing center scholarship is a young field, and the direction(s) in which we will grow depend upon the decisions we make today about the definitions of and the connections among theory, inquiry, and practice…[W]e propose that recommendations for practice be based on evidence in the form of observations, recordings, microanalyses of actual tutoring sessions; analyses of session feedback forms and textual revisions; and interviews with participants when feasible” (3). In other words, Babcock and Thonus sound a call heard with increasing frequency in writing center scholarship: a call for RAD scholarship, research – whether quantitative or qualitative – that is “replicable, aggregable, and data-supported” (2).

This proposed volume echoes that call. Its intention is to present current RAD research into writing center practice, including that being undertaken by graduate students, undergraduate tutors, and writing center directors, as well as other writing center stakeholders. Areas of interest might include:
· tutor training methods

· writing center spaces

· student/writer populations (those writing centers serve)

· peer tutor/consultant populations (those who staff writing centers)

· tutorial conference outcomes

· categories of/approaches to collaboration

· identity politics

· peer tutor outcomes

· students/writers and/or tutors/consultants with disabilities

· L2 students/writers and/or L2 tutors/consultants

· graduate writers

· patterns of tutorial conference discourse

· affect in the tutorial conference

· writing center administration

· online tutorial conferences

· writing centers and retention

· high school writing centers

· tutor-embedded courses

· student writing groups

· faculty writing groups
This list is not meant to be exhaustive; contributions in other areas of writing center practice will be considered. Proposals for works-in-progress (including pilot studies) are also welcome. However, at least the initial stage of data collection and analysis must be completed in advance of the final submission deadline.

Please do not propose submissions based solely on assessment measures. While writing center assessment is necessary for evaluating and revising local programs, the purpose of RAD scholarship is to create, extend, and/or revise theory or practice, not necessarily to assess the efficacy of individual programs. In other words, RAD scholarship seeks to make a contribution to the field at large via systematic, pre-planned inquiries involving data collection and analysis. Again, quantitative and qualitative methodologies are welcome.

Proposals of 750-1500 words are invited by July 1, 2015. All proposals should include:
1) Statement of purpose for the proposed and/or completed research

2) Names and roles of the researcher or researchers (i.e., writing center director; graduate student; undergraduate tutor)

3) Description of the population to be researched (students/writers; tutors/consultants; writing center administrators; etc.), if appropriate, and the setting of the research (two-year or four-year university; high school; etc.)

4) List of research questions

5) Description of research methods (interviews; observations; statistical comparisons; etc.) and plans for data collection and analysis

6) Timeline of research project (date data collection will begin and end; date data analysis will begin and end)

7) Evidence of or plans for securing IRB approval to conduct research
Send proposals via email to: Dr. Sunny Hawkins, Associate Professor of English, Texas A&M University-Kingsville ( Electronic submissions only, please. Proposal review will take place between July 1 and August 1, 2015; notification of submission acceptance will be sent via email by August 2, 2015. If accepted, final submissions will be due no later than February 1, 2016. Proposal for the edited collection is in progress and will be submitted after proposal submissions are selected.

Questions? Contact Dr. Sunny Hawkins at

Dr. Sunny Hawkins
Associate Professor of English
Undergraduate Writing Center Director
Texas A&M University-Kingsville


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